Friday, December 17, 2010

Template Inspired and a freebie.

This month I guessed I am working on Templates :)
Just having so many ideas!

Below are the previews.
Be There Be Square, Picture Play, The One are definate templates for my 365 next year!
You can place photos or just add the elements or papers. Very flexible Templates.

Of course my freebie for you today.
Come visit my store .. the templates are $1 each. They come in sets of one or two or the whole series. When you purchase the whole set, you pay one template less. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great for your 365 project.

Hello people!
I am introducing a set of templates that I am excited to use for my next year 365 project. It's call the ONE WEEK templates. You can use that as your 365 project, use it for your own one page layout or a double layouts. These templates are very flexible and it's wonderful to have them in your template collections when you need to make layouts with more than photos.

You can add more of your personal embellishments. $2 for two templates and $5 for 6 templates. It's $1 each but you get a free one when you get the whole set.  Speaking of Freebies I have one for this week!
Cute little mat for your Christmas journal.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another new set of Templates!

Dear DigiScrappers!

I have another set of templates in .. check it out!
This Photos and Pictures Templates are super for those who has many pictures to display in their layouts. In general there are 6 photos in each template and 4 photo/papers spaces for you to make your layout personal. Lots of spaces for your journal and at the same time show off the beautiful papers that you are using. Great template for $2, meaning it's .50cents for each template.

This set of 4 Templates are personal use only.
For Commercial use please contact me.

Have fun with them!

Click on the preview to go to my store.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sales, New kits and Freebie!

Hello Digital Scrapbookers!

Good News! I have 3 more freebies coming up for the next three weeks.
Before that I have two new mini kits for only $1.99

Here they are.
The Christmas Time Tea Break, A very cute mini kit with 8 papers, 1 Snowman, 1 Cookie Jar close, 1 Cookie Jar Open, one Hot Drink and two cookies! I truely enjoyed designing this mini kit.
 Another cute mini kit is the Playful Snowman. It's now snowing so much here in Germany and I see kids making snowmen that inspired me. This mini kit consists of 1 playful snowman paper, 4 playful snowmen and 2 playful snowman candles!
 All my Christmas Products are 50% off until the end of December. If you are looking for something special or unique click on the ad to go to my store.
Last but not lease click on my name to receive my December weekly freebie. A candle journal mat. Have a wonderful week ahead! Happy Advent !


Christmas Collab & Templates!

Dear Scrappers! Happy December!
How are you? Been taking up some time to do some of my sketching.
I am also doing a Christmas Collab with DSD and I have 5 new templates!
Here.. have a look!

This is the DSD Christmas Collab.
 This here is my part of my Collab. All the elements are hand drawn.
 Here's my new December products.

Great for any occasions! You can tell your stories through these helpful and great templates. It allows you space to journal, to add some papers to enhance your layouts.
Each template is 60 cents. You can also purchase the whole set for $2.50 if you like the whole collections.

 Come back for more I am making some nice freebies. Oh.. don't forget to visit my freebies page!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales!!

Dear Scrappers,
I am having a Black Friday sale till Cyber monday!!

Come and visit my store.
All my things are 50% off over this weekend!
Come and visit me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$1 sale for only 24 hours!!!

It's my $1 sale for 24 hours!
Don't believe it?? They are from 50% to 75% off!!

Check out the previews!

 Seeing is believing. Head off to my store now!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Winner! $1 Sales! CT Call.

Good day to all Scrappers!
I have a few people participated for my Guess My Kit's Name freebie Challenge.

Thank you Lea, Maria, Yuka, Jeannie and Fatimah for participating. Most of you got it very close to the Kit's name. Only one person got it right and that's Jennifer of Canada! So I will be sending you your freebies and for the rest of the ladies, I will also send you some freebies. Before I reveal my new kit, I have another announcement to make.

Tomorrow I will be having a $1 sale in my store. Everything for $1! That's because of my Anniversary!

Here's my new kit for November. I hope you like it. It's called Love in Asia. I enjoyed making the papers, the lanterns and the little Chinese Qipaos!

It's $4 for this kit but for only tomorrow it's $1! So don't forget to go to my store tomorrow.

Today's my last day of freebies. I hope you have been enjoying my stuff, although not many actually say hello or thanks. I will leave them on until I ran out of space.

Oh by the way I am still having my CT call!

Here's my last freebie from my 15days freebies. I had lots of fun doing it. Click on my name to get it.

Have a good day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Winner, CT call and Sneak Peak there Scrappers..
As you know I am having a CT call. Please have a look below. If you know any fellow scrappers would like to be a CT team please send them here, thanks.

 Last two days of Sales at my store. Everything is 50% in my entire store. Don't miss it. Christmas elements, Christmas papers, paper packs and more!!
I have been busy designing a new Asian themed Kit that will be out soon. Here's a sneak peek below.
Here's today's freebie challenge, all 5 Dec 365 QP if you can figure out what it the title of my new Kit!
That would be fun right? And the first 5 people that got the title correct will also receive the Christmas Time Tea Break.

Here's today's Freebie Challenge.
Last but not least here's the link to DSD Blog! I am helping out in writing the DSD blog so I am quite excited about it :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

4th day Challenge

Good Morning Ladies and Gents.
Another day another winner.

Brown L. of USA is the winner of yesterday's make a comment challenge. She shared, "My children are joys of my life, I wish them greatest joy growing up in my home and have good future."

Congrats Brown, L! You not only received yesterday's QP, I am giving you the first 3 days QP and the winner's prize.

Today's freebie challenge is...
Presents! and today's sharing is "Your favourite Christmas Presents and why?"
I remember my favourite Christmas present when I was young was a Barbie doll. It was a fad that year in Malaysia, every girl in the neighbourhood has one but it was too expensive. I did wished for one for my Birthday but I got is in Christmas time.  I still have that Barbie, she's a little worn, with dull blonde hair and still wearing the dress I made for her the next year.

Email, write a comment or leave a IM message today. I can't wait to hear from you.

Two more days of sales at my Store. 50% all my product and a CT call.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We have two Winners, CT Call and 3rd Day blog Challenge.

Good Morning to all!
Today I am happy to announce two winners one from each day blog challenge.

Nakamura, J from Japan won yesterday's sharing.
She shared, "My new scrapping goal for next year is to put more effort in my 365 project."

Schmidt, P from US won the first days blog freebie.
She shared, "I am very thankful for this Christmas because I have God in my life, family around me and blessing from friends around the world."

Fiona of Stuttgart shared, " I am thankful for my health and happiness for my family this Christmas."
Karin of Netherland shared, "I am thankful for everything I have and people I met and the experience in my life this Christmas."

Not only these two ladies get my 365 Dec QP they also won my Fun Autumn QP and Christmas Time Tea Break.

Here's today's Blog Challenge freebie and today's sharing is "What's your wish for your friends and family."
 If you are new and it's your first time finding out about my blog challenge please go HERE to read more about it.

Today's freebie is a favourite of mine! 7 little children singing a carol! Perfect for 7 days of December.

I am also making a CT call as well. If you are interested please apply.

3 more days of sales at my store, Don't miss it!