Friday, March 4, 2011

I am a Designer Spotlight and Newsletter Freebies.

Hello Friends and DigiScrappers.
Happy Weekend.

I past my Driving Test today! Yeah Yeah! So now that's off my shoulder, one more big test to go in July, the German Language test.

Another good news. I am the Spotlight in This week's Designer spotlight at the shop I design for. Cool or what? I am so happy, so don't for get to sign up for the news letter or go to the DSD Facebook to grab the newsletter so you can grab my 4 overlay freebie!

So, here's the Spotlight about me.

Here's my Sales. All made with my Spring collection, the flower brushes and the Spring Celebration Collection. I think it's the prettiest ad. I have made.


This is my Spring Celebration Kit 30% off this week.

This is the freebie for this week.

Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blinkie Blinkie little stars!

Hello my Friends,
I have just learnt to make Blinkies!! I know, maybe some of you would say, "What? You just learnt how to make Blinkies? That's so behind."

I don't care. When I discovered how to make them.. I was so happy that night! And here are a few, you can copy it and then put that in your blog too if you like. They are mostly for DSD. Just want to share this with you.




Right click on this blinkie and choose Same Image As... to save it and put it in your blog or website.
I thank you ahead if you use this :)