Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute brushes with tag and staple

Hello all and happy weekend.
I have a cute little number brush for you today, I hope you like it. It's Commercial Use OK and it comes with a tab and a staple for you to use on your layout with the numbers. The numbers are from 1 - 31, great for dating your layouts.  A special day is coming up and all my products will be on a big sale! I will post a poster tomorrow. Here's the preview of my brush. Come back and visit the poster and get a freebie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Pages from Fun Autumn Kit

Three simple and great for journaling quickpages for you. These Quickpages are made great for those who like to added more embellishment into their layouts. Or for those to love to add some journal. Sometimes when you like to write something too many embellishments would distract the readers.

Here's the sample of the quickpages.
Here is the more detailed QP. It has a cute pumpkin frame.  A nice feathered picture and ample of space for embellishments and journal.
 The second QP has two cute owls and hedgehog and you can insert two big pictures. Again plenty of space for you to personalised your QP.
 The third one you can insert 3 pictures. I have added some autumn leaves from the autumn leaves embellishment set and the Falling Leaves Alpha.
I made a sample from one of the QP  for you to see. It's the beautiful autumn scenery of Germany and a nice poem to go with. I am sending this to my mom.
The 3 QP is $1.50 at the DSD shop, 50cents each.
I hope to see you there. Have great day, it's sunny here where I am. How about where you are?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crinkled Paper Brush

Hello Ladies,
Today my first brush is up. It a very useful kit for you for $1.99. You can make anything into papers.
The kit comes with 5 solid paper and 5 overlay and then the brush that has the 5 crinkle paper.

Another exciting news as well, I may be a featured designer in the Digi Styles Designs store sometime soon and when that news letter is up and out I will be giving 50% discount all week for all my products. Now that is exciting isn't it? So, remember to go and sign up the newsletter there.
You click here to go there.

Have a great week ahead and watch out for my QP from the Fun Autumn line.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First CUOK kit and a freebie

Finally, the wait has arrived. It took me several days to get everything all settled and I am happy to show you my first CUOK kit. I have also made another CU Asian kit and two CU elements.
So the first kit is called Fun Autumn.
It's my first time experiencing Autumn in Germany and I can see many mushrooms popping out in the forest in autumn. So I thought it would be a great element to add to my kit. These 4 cute owls and the two hedgehogs are certainly very cute elements to have for your autumn layout as well. The last for papers are pictures of autumn in Germany where I really like to have in this kit.
The borders are really cute too. For more details click on the preview to see a layout of all the papers and elements.

Next CU kit I have today is an Asian Themed kit called Oriental Journey.
The papers in this kit are all linen papers. Four plain linen papers and 8 others with Oriental patterns. I added two Chinese pattern frames and they come in .psd format. 3 cute tabs with Chinese painting peony. The two Chinese characters means Good Luck. The 3 glittered dragons are great for your Oriental or Asian themed layouts. For more details click on the preview to see a layout of all the papers and elements.

As autumn is already here I am sure you are enjoying making layouts of your children playing with layers full of leaves. These elements will create nice autumn layouts for you.

                                                    These autumn leaves comes in two forms. Sticker forms, meaning it has a white border and natural form. They come with no shadow. Each leave is in it's individual file of 10x8 inches. It's pretty big so that you can have good image when you play with the size of the elements.
To see the details of the leaves click on the preview.

Of course last but not least. Today's freebie. It's leave from Autumn Leaves Set1 collection and an extra tab from the Oriental Journey kit. It's not part of that kit. It's the 4th tab.

Click on the preview to get it. I hope you enjoy previewing my kits and working with them. You can also preview my kit in the KIT PREVIEWS page to see details.

Have a great week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First CU Kit

Hello friends. What a cold day today in Germany. The sun is up but it's so cold that I have to dress up like winter in the morning. German is now turning orange, yellow, red and brown. These colours inspired my first CU Kit.

That is why I am really excited today. I have been designing my first Commercial Use kit for this autumn. A very good experience and I can't wait to show you the whole kit. I am also thinking if I should have a freebie with this first CU kit. What do you think?

Here's a sneak peek.
It's a cute kit and I hope you like it as well. Have a good day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am part of the Digi Style Designs Team.

Today I fixed my Birthday Freebie. I know, only realised that I did not zip all the elements together in my first Birthday Freebie zip folder. Well, no told me, the people who downloaded my freebie just downloaded and did not bother tell me that more than 5 elements were missing in the initial folder.
Well I am not going to let the Freebie mongers get me down.

I am happy to say that I have about 15 elements up in the store. I am so excited.
So, let me set up my freebie here again so you don't have to scroll down. A quick thank you is appreciated.

Have a good day.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Welcome.

This has been an interesting week. This blog is now my personal blog for ETScraps.  I just signed on to be a designer :) Yea! I'm with this store called Digi Style Design. It recently has a new owner and I hope things work well with the store.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank you.

I like to thank those to visited me yesterday and 17 people have now my Birthday Freebie, I hope to more to come today.

The $1DSC's designer is ETScraps. A lot of the creations here are unique, I will try to create Asian and Oriental themed kits. I think it is very hard to find many Asian and Oriental theme paper or elements. I know that's because most digital scrapbookers are most in US and Europe.

However, I still think that people do travel, there are scrapbookers who live abroad and scrapbookers who are Asian like me. So, the kits sold here is mostly unique then.

Kit Introduction:
The CuteMaiko Kit, is very Kawaii (Cute). I was inspired by the Kimono Sticker I got from my trip to Japan. So I started making the Kimonos to scrapbook my Japan Trip's pictures. The more I make my own elements for my album I realised I really enjoyed making a mini kit out of my Kimonos. I added the two Maiko's Dolls as a bonus because it's just not complete without them. Check them out in my Kits page.

Another kit I really love is the Javanese Kit. You know how designers or photographers are, we love to be inspired by little things in life and love to take tons of pictures. I have tons of pictures on textures, patterns and flowers. So once I learned how to make my own brushes, I started to make something from the batik prints and weaves I have in my photo collection. That's how Javanese kit was created. I use rich soothing green and brown colours for this kit and added some Indonesian patterns for elements. Not to forget the dancing Javanese girls in batik sarongs. I also really love them, each of them have different batik sarongs.

That's all I like to introduce today about my creations, which are unique and inexpensive to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing these kits, read more on my How To Purchase page.

Have a nice day.

My Birthday Freebie.

Hello to you. Thank you for taking interest in my freebie. Today is my birthday and I would like to share with you my freebie. I am starting this $1Digital Scrapbooking Centre for everyone who loves Scrapbooking and also love all things that are $1.

I am still setting up this blog for you to preview my creations. All the Previews you see here are all $1. Not 1Euro, 1USdollar. Please bookmark me and come back again to preview all the kits, elements and alphas that will be on sale.

Without wasting any of your time, I like you to download my Birthday Freebie and check out the things I have created for you.