Sunday, May 22, 2011

Templates for Special Occasions

My templates for June will be out tomorrow.
Here are my last three templates for now,

The first one is the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEMPLATE
This template includes two flower borders from my May Flower Parade Mini Kit

Next is the BEST MOM template, great template for Mother's day or mother's birthday.

Next is the BEST DAD template, great template for Father's day or father's birthday.

More Templates

Dear Scrapbooking fans,
Today I am introducing you to more of my templates.
These Templates are called HOLIDAY POSTER set.

This template below can display 4 photos and has a space for your journaling.

Here's a sample of the template I use for my holiday in Thailand.

This HOLIDAY POSTER template set 2 displays 2 photos.
Here is the sample of my layout using this template, I was visiting the top of the cathedral.

The third template is one of my favourites. You can use 6 to 7 photos on this template.
I use my Japanese holiday photos for my layout using this template above.

Below is my other set of templates called 10 IS ENOUGH
My last holiday in Malaysia and I use these templates  to make my layouts. You can use these template as a double page layout or individual.

This is the second set. Again you can see you can use two templates to make a double page or you can use the templates to make a single 12x12 page.

I will also be posting tomorrow some fun templates .. as you can see June is my Template @ ETScraps

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Templates Season!

Hello scrapbooking friends and lovers!

This new season I am inspired in working on templates inspired by the things I see. So here are a few templates I like to share with you. I have included the layouts I have made using the templates.

Here is the preview of the template, you can use 6 photos and there's plenty of journal spaces for you.

Here is a sample of my layout using the template. I did not use 6 photos in this layout, I merge the 6 shapes together and use one landscape picture. The beautiful Lake Constance.

Here's the Preview page, this template is called LONG STORY template.

My next template set is called SUMMER'S BEST. Great template with many photos and an artistic way to display your favorite pictures. About 7 photos can be used but you can also use the photo spaces for journaling.

 Here's my Layout for SUMMER'S BEST template 1

 Here is my SUMMER'S BEST template 2. You are use about 9 photos or less.

And here is the layout using this template above. My Australia holiday.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Absence

Dearest friends,
I have been absent for awhile and I apologize that I have not been up-dating myself. There's illness that I have to deal with and because of that when I was well again I have to catch up with what I have missed including designing.

Everything is all right now, and I am back on my feet. Thank you for your patience.
I have two new May mini kits for you to preview.
And I am working on templates inspired by ads. I will write more about my templates in my next blog.
So, here's the new mini kits.

This one here is called FLOWER FESTIVAL.

 This is a mini kit of flowers.
This kit consists of:
8 papers with flower design
1 flower overlay (12X12)
1 pattern border (12inches long)
1 Flower button border (6 inches long)
1 flower frame
2 purple watercolor flowers
1 yellow watercolor flower

The kit is CUOK
Papers are in jpg files
Elements are in png files
all are designed 1 300dpi

This kit below is called MAY FLOWER PARADE

 This Flower mini kit is filled with flower themes.
The kit consists of:
12 flower papers (10 Geometric and 2 Flower parade)
3 flower parade borders
15 colorful flowers of spring season.

The kit is CUOK
Papers are in jpg files
Elements are in png files
all are designed with 300dpi

Thank you again for your patience!! I am so happy to be back again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am a Designer Spotlight and Newsletter Freebies.

Hello Friends and DigiScrappers.
Happy Weekend.

I past my Driving Test today! Yeah Yeah! So now that's off my shoulder, one more big test to go in July, the German Language test.

Another good news. I am the Spotlight in This week's Designer spotlight at the shop I design for. Cool or what? I am so happy, so don't for get to sign up for the news letter or go to the DSD Facebook to grab the newsletter so you can grab my 4 overlay freebie!

So, here's the Spotlight about me.

Here's my Sales. All made with my Spring collection, the flower brushes and the Spring Celebration Collection. I think it's the prettiest ad. I have made.


This is my Spring Celebration Kit 30% off this week.

This is the freebie for this week.

Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blinkie Blinkie little stars!

Hello my Friends,
I have just learnt to make Blinkies!! I know, maybe some of you would say, "What? You just learnt how to make Blinkies? That's so behind."

I don't care. When I discovered how to make them.. I was so happy that night! And here are a few, you can copy it and then put that in your blog too if you like. They are mostly for DSD. Just want to share this with you.




Right click on this blinkie and choose Same Image As... to save it and put it in your blog or website.
I thank you ahead if you use this :)


Monday, February 28, 2011

March items in store, Blog Freebie and Newsletter Freebie.

Good Monday!
My March items are in DSD store now. Please have a closer look at the items here or at the store. (just click the preview)





This is my Freebie for DSD Newsletter coming up this Friday. You go to Digi Styles Design and sign up as a customer and you can receive the freebie weekly. This one here below will be out end of this week.

And for today's freebie to celebrate Spring and the beautiful background paper, here's a brush for you.
Please grab it by my name, there's a link there. So, I am working on the Chinese Names for Letter E, and if you want me to work on your name (if it happens to be F and onwards) drop it on the Comment section and I will make one for you. As the next Freebie of course.

So, have a wonderful week, and come back soon to grab more freebies.

Elisabeth (freebie here)