Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Templates

Dear Scrapbooking fans,
Today I am introducing you to more of my templates.
These Templates are called HOLIDAY POSTER set.

This template below can display 4 photos and has a space for your journaling.

Here's a sample of the template I use for my holiday in Thailand.

This HOLIDAY POSTER template set 2 displays 2 photos.
Here is the sample of my layout using this template, I was visiting the top of the cathedral.

The third template is one of my favourites. You can use 6 to 7 photos on this template.
I use my Japanese holiday photos for my layout using this template above.

Below is my other set of templates called 10 IS ENOUGH
My last holiday in Malaysia and I use these templates  to make my layouts. You can use these template as a double page layout or individual.

This is the second set. Again you can see you can use two templates to make a double page or you can use the templates to make a single 12x12 page.

I will also be posting tomorrow some fun templates .. as you can see June is my Template @ ETScraps

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